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Design is our passion and being creative is at its roots!

When you take that love of creating beautiful things and couple that with our analytical minds…amazing things happen!



Leif Zimmerman

Lead Designer and Developer, from an early childhood I always had a passion for design and understanding how and why things work, I was always analyzing and taking things apart to understand how they worked and from this I developed a deep understanding of design. After graduating from the University of Oregon I started doing freelance web design work and decided it was the perfect fit for my unique skills and independent lifestyle.

Personal Facts:

  • University of Oregon (I’m a duck but raised by beavers!)
  • Born and Raised in Portland Oregon
  • Tech Geek (Yes I build my own computers)
  • Optimistic and Positive
  • Love being challenged

My passion is design and I strive everyday to bring my expertise to the next level, I love learning!!

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